Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What are you COMPLAINING about?

I was 13 years old when I purchased my first outfit that wasn't a hand me down. Each Christmas I would always get the usual; hats,scarves, and underclothes. I was never grateful except for one Christmas when my sister bought me a Kenya doll. As I got older, my mother purchased a total of 3 vehicles for me. I was a bit embarrassed about two of the three as they didn't compliment my "Style" very much. In College, My mother signed for 3 loans on my behalf, and still I continued to complain even after she made millions of amends for me, oppose to many others who had to withdraw as a result of lack of funding. This was the ungrateful me. The unappreciative me didn't realize how many people never got the opportunity to even claim a Christmas, and all the while I complained about the materialistic things. I had to sit back and ask myself "What am I COMPLAINING" about? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Before I even part my lips to complain about what i don't have, i have to remember that "It could've been me", who was homeless,and had no support from family. About 85% of the people in this world are praying for the blessings,and opportunities that you have so why are you still complaining about that very thing?  I have learned  that GOD may not always give you what you want,but he will  give you exactly what you NEED! Be blessed and remember that WHEN YOU CONTINUE TO COMPLAIN, YOU SET YOUR LIFE UP FOR ZERO GAIN!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

When you STAY ready, you aint got to GET ready

These past few weeks have been life changing for me. I got the opportunity to be on set with some of the most influential people including Al Sharpton, Lenny Kravits,Jasmine Guy and a host of others. Ive gotten 3 opportunities in one week, and in the midst of all the blessings, MoNique, talk show host, made a comment that will forever stick out in my mind. She said, WHEN YOU STAY READY, YOU AINT GOT TO GET READY! The quote was so simple,but to me, it meant so much. Have you ever gotten the opportunity to express your talent, or something unique you posses ed, but you we rent ready? Ive been there numerous times before. I would always pray for a different opportunity to arise, but when the opportunity presented itself,i was never prepared. I was at a speaking engagement in 2008 and heard someone say this, "Its better to be PREPARED and have no OPPORTUNITY, then to have an OPPORTUNITY and never be prepared. I live by this mantra, EVERYDAY. No longer will i pursue my dreams without preparation,and YOU shouldn't either. Besides, if you STAY ready, you will NEVER have to get READY!!! Be blessed and remember "When you remain unprepared, be prepared for NO success"!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad things happens in 3's but GREAT things happen in ONE

My mother always told me that bad things always happens in three's. It never meant anything until i realized those 3 things were happening to me. In the course of one week, a friendship i cherished had ended, I was denied admission into an institution to receive my masters degree, and  someone had broken into my car,bust my windows and took EVERYTHING. At first, i blamed myself for the situations that had taken place..i.e (i could have done this,only if i would have done that) But through it all, i had to remember that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, nothing happens by CHANCE!!! Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the things that the devil tries to do to us, without acknowledging the blessings that god has already given us. I always say that "rejection is gods protection" and i am thankful that i have a full covering keeping me focused on HIM. I could have easily lost my faith because of these situations,but i had to think about all the people who don't even have somewhere to call home,no education, no car, so i should feel blessed to have all that and some. Lets be thankful for the blessings GOD has given us, and remember that you must have the spirit of a warrior in order for the devil to TRY to take away your joy!! Be blessed and remember that BAD THINGS HAPPENS IN 3'S BUT GREAT THINGS HAPPENS IN 1(GOD) !!!!