Friday, January 1, 2010


Time to win in 2010

365 days were at the place where GOD intented you to be. Wherever you were in 2009 was exactly divine order,and that was designed  to prepare you for an amazing future. Every one in your life contributed to where you are now,so thank them. Even if the year set before you wasnt the best ,be thankful that you have health and life. Take the year 2010 as a segway to be a new and better you! A good friend of mine said this “ Nothing beats trial but failure” . So what are you willing to try? What are you willing to accomplish this year that you didnt have enough courage to do last year? How different are you daring to be? Those who aspire to go higher produce the brightest fire, and those who do it just the same,will produce the weakest flame! Be blessed and remember that even the oldest gift can be considered brand new,so DO YOU!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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