Thursday, October 29, 2009

When you surround yourself in your dreams, YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE

Birds of a feather,FLOCK TOGETHER! This is an old saying that is used by many when it relates to people who we choose to include in our lives. When we surround ourselves with people that are going in the same direction as us, we are automatically destined for success. People who are driven to the direction of achieving their dreams,are those who should always be considered first class in our lives. If you aspire to be an actress or actor, surround yourselves with those who are familiar with your passion and your struggle.  STOP surrounding yourself with friends who cant make your belly leap with positive energy. Those people are just sucking the life out of your goals and deterring you from your true purpose. When your circle of friends don't feel like a network helping you to excel, you NEED to evaluate your flock. Think about where all your friends will be in 5 years. If the futures of those you associate yourself with aren't bright, you should re-consider how you choose to label them. If they are, be assured that the direction your life will take will be the high road to SUCCESS as well. Be blessed and remember that WHEN YOU SURROUND YOURSELVES IN YOUR DREAMS,YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A leader can only lead a legacy if the legacy is WORTH a lead

If today was your last day on earth,what would people have to say about you? Would they say that you made an impact on the people you connected with? Or would they define your purpose as PURPOSELESS? When your name is heard,what kind of associations would be tied to it?What are you doing to take the road less traveled so that people may remember how you made history? When I ask myself those questions, i have realized that i have a lot of work to do. Although Ive done so much and helped so many,there are many lives that still need to be touched with my gift of service.  Leaving a positive stamp on the life of someone else is one of the most powerful things one can do. It gives me great joy to know that i played a role in changing lives,and for that,i am happy. Be sure that if your life was to end today, your legacy would live on forever,for nobody knows your legacy better than the one your aspire to leave. I live by this,  "A leader can only lead a legacy if the legacy is worth a lead." Be blessed and remember that when you can give yourselves to others,you  are giving back to GOD.

Friday, October 23, 2009

When the physical body is GONE, the eternal spirit is still THERE

February 23,2005 was a day that I will never forget. It was a little breezy outside,but none the less,the weather was great. I had just came from a relatives house,and as I sat in my mothers dining room,I received a call from a friend. She told me that someone very special to me had been killed by a gunshot wound to the shoulder that pierced through his heart. She was so afraid to tell me because she knew it would hurt me beyond imagination. That was the first time in my life where the words couldn't even flow from my mouth. I turned on the television,and the news I had heard was in fact true. My first love was killed. This was the closest person to me that had ever died,and learning how to cope with the lost of a loved one was probably the hardest thing Ive ever had to do. I fell into a phase of depression because I blamed myself for the events that took place. It was the result of a party that I coordinated that even connected the conflicting parties and because of that I was distraught. Losing someone you love is hard. It makes you reflect on your life and the little things you used to take for granted. Now, I don't take anything for granted,for I know that the person I may see today could in fact be gone tomorrow. This excerpt is for anyone who ever lost a loved one unexpectedly. I like to think that the people who are the first to go,are the lucky ones for they were first to get to GOD. When GOD takes people away, it only confirms that they are ALWAYS with you no matter what. I dedicate this excerpt to my neo Carolyn Hardaway. You are always guarded by an angel and for that reason you are blessed in more ways you can imagine. Be blessed and remember, "When the physical body is gone, the eternal spirit is still there."

Reginald Dennis Gray
July 31,1986- February 23,2005
Love you always

Deitra Capri Hubert-Hardaway

Thursday, October 22, 2009

He who laughs first laughs last

Have you ever shared your dreams with someone who always had a chuckle behind your goals?Or received negative feedback when you express something great that has happened in your life? Ive been there plenty of times,but those people made me who I am today. I am in love with trying new things. I love learning a new craft and I am comfortable knowing that one day I may aspire to be a notable playwright and the next day, a great piano player. THAT'S JUST ME. There should NEVER be any limits on the things you want to do in this life. I used to find myself expressing my dreams to people who couldn't uplift me, and for that reason, I am who I am. When people can laugh at your aspirations, LET THEM LAUGH. People laughed at me all the time, even now. But I want you to know that, SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE! Just think,they laughed at JESUS too!! Those people that laugh at you and don't encourage your dreams, are people who aren't brave enough to dream as big as you. So KEEP DREAMING, DREAMER! Jay z said it best, "Motivation for me is them telling me what I couldn't be!" Be blessed and remember that HE WHO LAUGHS FIRST LAUGHS LAST!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You shall REAP what you SOW!

"You shall REAP what you SOW." This is a term used most often by older folk when teaching you about life,living,and learning. It never dawned on me how effective sowing a seed into someone or something can drastically change your life,but it WILL. A great friend of mine talked to me about sowing seeds. She said that if you sow a good seed in fertile ground,then it will reap a harvest. She said that when you sow a seed it'll be given back to you pressed down,shaken together and your blessing will be running over. Although Ive heard this saying millions of times, it made me confirm that the harvest I would reap would be bountiful. When you can treat people good despite what they have done to you, and have a positive outlook on every bad situation, you will be rewarded in the long run.  So what are you willing to extend to receive? When you can do great things for others and be SELFLESS at all times, your life will change dramatically. Selfish people become victims of sowing bad seeds because they fail to instill great things into others in order to get it back. Have you ever questioned why your blessings are being BLOCKED, and no matter how much you ask GOD why, nothing changes? This may be because you haven't sowed a seed that could transform your BLOCKING into a BLESSING. I live by this quote, "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you." Make sure that when you think about the things you want in life,make it be a reflection of the things that you give in this life! Be blessed and remember, Instilling love into others results in the instillation  of blessings for you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You cant ENLARGE your TERRITORY on SPOILED ground!

Have you ever been in a relationship knowing that those people have reached their expiration date in your lives, BUT YOU STAY?  Or someone consistently mistreats you but because you genuinely care about that person, you find yourself settling? These are examples of SPOILED GROUND. Spoiled ground constitutes things or people who do more DEFECTING than PROTECTING. They are placed in your lives to DEFECT your focus,your aspirations,and try to make you do things that are normally outside of your character. When these people enter you life, it's hard for you to move on because you believe that they are SUPPOSED to be there. But I want you to know,that you will NOT EXPAND with those placeholders in your life. I talk a lot about dreams,because I am a big believer in being successful at all costs (ethical costs that is.) Ive seen people with great potential settle because they  get discouraged by others who demise of their success. We've gotten familiar with the "Crab in the Barrel mentality." This is where people do whatever they can to bring you down in order to make their way to the top. Most often,these are people that are closely connected to you who are PREYING on your DOWNFALL. These people need to be REMOVED from your LIFE IMMEDIATELY because YOU CANT ENLARGE YOUR TERRITORY ON SPOILED GROUND. A harvest (you) can never grow beautiful when it isn't properly fed. So ask yourself, am I being properly fed? If not, you need to declare GROUNDS OF TERMINATION!! Be blessed and remember, "Your TERRITORY is your life's LABORATORY, what have you discovered?"

Monday, October 19, 2009


"I'll do it tomorrow, when I get some more money, I think it will fail, I don't have any help!"These are all things that we tell ourselves  when we have a disease called F.E.A.R. FALSE expectations appearing REAL. So often we never  realize OUR GREATNESS because we are afraid of not automatically succeeding at a particular goal. We get so overwhelmed with the negative outcomes of a task we want to accomplish, that we never do it and are left wondering WHAT IF. Every individual is gifted with a particular gift. Whether it be big or small, we possess something special that can impact a NATION. But 95% percent of people who have an extraordinary gift don't have enough faith to believe in themselves. So I ask you, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Obama didn't become Obama for being afraid of what people said about the content of his character or the color of his skin. Oprah didn't deny her greatness on the facet that people underestimated how great she would actually be. AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER! You can be ANY and EVERYTHING you aspire to be. So stop worrying about F.E.A.R (FALSE expectations appearing REAL) and get into G.E.A.R (GOD'S expectations appearing real) Be blessed and remember like Nike, "JUST DO IT"!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Has something ever bothered you so much, that it mentally and physically made you sick? Or you thought about the circumstances and it brought you great disdain for something, leaving you angry and bitter? Well I am here to tell you "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT". Because I used to worry about the things I couldn't change so much, it made me spiritually week. I used to worry about 5% of the bad things in my life, instead of focusing on 95% of the good. I always found myself questioning GOD wondering why my blessing hadn't come through,but I had to realize that HE IS IN CONTROL. When I look back at all the wonderful things GOD has done in my life, I have no choice but to be thankful for his goodness,and not worry about the insignificant. In May 2009, I graduated from Clark Atlanta University, and unlike many, I was one of the very few to have  a job at the end of my matriculation. I moved to Texas where I would be earning a 44,000 salary including benefits being an educator in an inner city school. But I wasn't happy. My heart wasn't in the school system so I decided that it was time to come back home. In lieu of the job market crisis,and the economic recession, the average person would call me stupid for leaving a CAREER because I was unsatisfied with the profession. But because I DIDN'T WORRY, I knew that THERE WAS SOMETHING GREATER IN STORE FOR MY LIFE. After coming back, I received an opportunity to work with a MAJOR recording r&b group in Atlanta, Georgia. Although I took a major pay cut, I am HAPPY. I tell my story because there is someone reading this excerpt WORRYING about something only GOD can change. I want you to REALIZE that GOD is working on the book of our lives. In order to have a book, there needs to be a preface and a table of contents. The preface is the story that he has already PROFESSED ...but we must continue on the journey to seek the path that was already written for us. The table of contents are all the different chapters in our lives that are ultimately going to make us into the person GOD wants us to be. The page numbers are the blessings that will increase every time you turn the pages of your story. So DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, THE STORY IS ALREADY WRITTEN.  I want you to know that FAITH promotes anticipation of the GOOD, and WORRYING promotes the anticipation of the BAD.  Turn that WORRY time into PRAISE time, and then you will know that GOD ALREADY HAS EVERYTHING IN CONTROL. Be blessed and remember to WORRY ABOUT NOTHING,PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


May 9th,2004 was one of the most testimonial experiences of my life. It had been three days after Junior prom, I won the title of prom queen, I was very reputable at school and life was great for such an extraordinary 16 year old like myself. But everything  soon  took a turn for the worst. That was the day my entire life changed. I was arrested,and expelled from all Baltimore City Public Schools forever. I was distraught by the events that had taken place for a few reasons:  This was the second time I allowed someone to be a victim of my angry rage, I destroyed a friendship with someone at the result of my fist, and there was a point where I honestly believed that I had entered the statistic of a young black FAILURE. This was a time in my life where I hit ROCK BOTTOM. I was told that because I had a record,I would never have the opportunity to get a good job, and college simply became a fiction of my imagination. But I didn't let my circumstance define me.  Everyone I was connected to GAVE UP on me, but I refused to GIVE UP on myself. I tell my story because I want you to know that JUST BECAUSE YOU START AT THE BOTTOM,DOESN'T MEAN YOU CANT END UP ON TOP! I never allowed people to define my character just because of the poor decisions that I made. Sometimes in order to grow, we must first make mistakes and acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. By the grace of GOD,  I was fortunate enough to graduate from a top tier all girls high school in Baltimore Maryland,and was accepted into my Alma Mater, Clark Atlanta University. People never imagined I would come out of this  situation as a winner,but because I wasn't willing to GIVE UP on myself, I learned from MY mistakes and became the person I am today. People always tell me that they couldn't imagine the past I had because of my character and I simply tell them, "Its not the situation that defines you as a person,its how you learn from it."Through it all, I HAVE LEARNED, and it has blessed me to minister my story to someone else. Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City singers said it best "Sometimes you have to encourage yourself". Be blessed and remember, WHEN THEY GIVE UP ON YOU,YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Fall 2005 i entered Clark Atlanta University, with intentions to take over the world! I already had in my mind that i was going to leave a solid imprint at my institution through the impact i made on others. When i was finally exposed to fraternities and sororities, i was impressed. The women who represented these organizations were educated,talented,and beautiful. But it was the women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,Inc. who captured my attention. The year I pledged was the most memorable experience of my life. But the difference between myself and a lot of people who became greek around me was that i DID NOT CHANGE. Sometimes, people get this misconception that you have to automatically fit a stereotypical mold when you become greek. Although you should be a standing representation of the brother/sisterhood you join, YOU CAN STILL BE YOURSELF. The foundation of our organizations weren't created on the bases of "New Arrogance", they were created for the betterment of black people. For those aspiring to become a member of the divine 9, greek shouldn't MAKE you,it should only compliment the greatness you already possess. REAL PEOPLE aren't defined by how many times they can DOUBLE-CLAP or do a founders step, they're defined by the individual they were before the added incentives. In the end,whether greek or not, the most important letters we should be concerned with are D.E.G.R.E.E! Be blessed and remember that if you allow an organization to make you, be prepared for it to break you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You don't always have to use your IMAGINATION

Tyler Perry's new play "Laugh to keep from crying", inspired me to write this excerpt today. Have you ever felt that bad things seemed to happen in your life all the time? Even when you received one come-up, there were always two more setbacks, and you consistently made things worse than they already were?.....Well I declare today that you will NEVER be a victim of your circumstances again. About two months ago, I learned that my mother was diagnosed with a disease that if not properly treated,could result in her losing her life to cancer. My mother has always been my rock. I admire her so much because she is STRONG for no reason. She's the most giving person I know, and I couldn't imagine losing her to a battle that I knew she could win. After she told me, i was broken. But she wasn't... I was so confused as to why I was in more pain than my mother was because of her circumstance. But because she is such a warrior,she explained to me that EVERYTHING WOULD BE ALRIGHT. I say this because sometimes "YOU don't always have to use your IMAGINATION. In life we cultivate the  seeds of bad situations by making them worse than they really are. We tend to feed the hardships, causing them to be dependent on our lives. When people are diagnosed with illnesses, its not the disease that kills them, its the thought process. Because I thought about my mother's illness so much,my imagination created its own story,leaving me stressed,angry,and broken. But through the power of my GOD, I have learned BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GREAT PEOPLE....and I wouldn't let my imagination bring her to her grave before she really got there!! So if you EVER feel that a circumstance is too overbearing for your life, LAUGH! The devil hates a positive saint! BE BLESSED!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What dont KILL you can only make you STRONGER

Life,love,hurt,pain,victory,defeat and GOD are replaying heavily in my mind at this point in my life. Since my time on this earth, i've been betrayed,lied to,beaten,cheated on and disrespected. But there is one thing that remains true, i am one of the strongest individuals i know. It takes great strength and power to overcome the things I've been through in my life. My father left the very day i was born,i was molested, My mother worked numerous jobs to take care of my revolving household,one of my very first boyfriends was killed right before college,and the person i spent 6 1/2 years of my life with cheated on me and impregnated someone else. Often times i wondered why my life was the way it was, leaving me to become socially involved to fill that void of emptiness. But through my trying experiences, i have learned that WHAT DON'T KILL YOU WILL ONLY MAKE YOU STRONGER. People always ask me why i handle stress so lightly,and i simply tell them "I'm way to blessed to be stressed". Often times its so easy for us to give advice to others never knowing that those same situations could happen to us. Well one of those situations happened to me. But through it all, i am remaining STRONG, and remembering that REJECTION IS GODS PROTECTION. T.d Jakes said it best "When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left." Im tying my destiny to a greater purpose...GOD.....Be blessed and remember that in order for the clouds to clear we must first FORGIVE. I forgive you.........

PRAY for the people who are PREYING on your life

"Sticks and stones will hurt my bones,BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME"! This phrase is one that haunted our childhood and still even reigns significant in our lives today. Have you ever tried to share your dream with other folk who didn't automatically react to your blessing? Or got a new opportunity that you expected someone close to share the glory of the gift with you,but they didn't? Life can and will take you through this journey. There are 3 classes of people in this world:People that make things happen,people that watch things happen,and people that things happen to. The people that make things happen are the people who are PRAYING. The people that are watching it happen, are the people that are WAITING. And the last class of people are the very ones who are PREYING on your life. This class of people are "THE LET HAPPEN TO'ERS" . They are in eternal detention because they believe all the bad things happen to them so they live their  life  focused on YOU. Your name exists so much in their lives,that they become dependent on negating your being to make themselves feel good. BUT WHY DO THEY DO THIS? Imagine, if they were powerful in prayer and had a positive outlook on life,they would have no reason not to be HAPPY about your accomplishments! Jill Scott said it best "Hate on me hater,now or later,cuz' im gonna do me,be mad baby" Be blessed and remember IF THEY AREN'T HATING THEN YOU AREN'T DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sometimes you have to go through a BREAKDOWN to prepare for your BREAKTHROUGH

"Life is like a box of chocolates,you never know what your gonna get."Forest Gump said this in his movie, but I also apply this phrase to my life.Have you ever felt like all the bad things happened around you, and you knew you were deserving of a victory,but it never appeared? I was a product of a life changing experience back in 2007. The journey for me was amazing- A new found destiny, a new found opportunity. But it wasn't all SWEET CHOCOLATES . There were many days that seemed much harder than others,and sometimes i felt like giving up. But the greatest thing i learned during the time was that I NEEDED TO GO THROUGH A BREAKDOWN TO PREPARE FOR MY BREAKTHROUGH. Sometimes when we go through the worst of circumstances, it only means that THE BEST IS YET TO COME! I live by this quote  "Whenever a situation seems OVERbearing,your blessing soon will be OVERflowing". God only puts the weight on the backs of the people he KNOWS can bear the ton. If in fact you are selected to withstand your circumstance,ENJOY IT! It shouldn't be worth it,unless you fought for it! Be blessed and remember "Some of the most beautiful roses, are the ones from concrete!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What are you willing to GIVE up to GO up?

Have you ever wanted success so bad that there were moments when you were willing to sacrifice everything you had to get it? Or even had a minute thought of compromising something you held sacred to reach the maximum potential of your success? If you have, your blessing is in this text! I had a queens tea back in 2008 as Miss Clark Atlanta University. At the event there was a motivational speaker touching on the subject of "Giving up to go up". At first, i didn't understand what he meant about giving up everything you had in order to basque in a world of society's standards. But as he continued, i applied his teachings to my life and realized that there were times that i was willing to give up certain things,to gain a temporary benefit  forcing me to work harder with no ending result.  Bishop Eddie Long said "I found out today that the reason I am working so hard is because I am doing things GOD did not grace me to do". I tell you this because we should never rush into our ultimate destiny.Sometimes we get so focused on the destination instead of dwelling in the journey of our ordained purpose. If  you find yourself compromising your woman or manhood just to reach a caliber of SOCIETY'S success, that may not be the purpose or plan god has for your life. I live by this quote "There is no elevator to success,you must take the stairs like everyone else". Be blessed and remember that when you give up to go up,you ll only be going up to  come right back down!! 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Have your friendships expired?

Have you ever examined your circle of friends and wondered how divine order connected you with some of those unhealthy friendships? If you ever had to question this notion,most likely THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! When you consistently question the strength of the bonds that are created between you and others, those people may have EXPIRED  in your life. One of my favorite quotes "Lord Protect me from my friends,for i already know my enemies." With that said,are you being protected? Friendship's are like milk, its healthy when its good,but it'll make you sick when the expiration date comes... Have your friendships expired? Sometimes we have to throw out the stale relationships in our lives to make room for the healthy ones. Just like milk,when its old, it becomes sour.Friendships can become sour.But you cant re-create friendships,like milk can to may be time to LET IT GO. So the next time you evaluate the "Friendships" you claim, be sure to ask yourself "Am i being spiritually fed,mentally comforted,and genuinely supported?" If not, it may be time to discard of the stale friendships that have reached their maximum potential i.e THE EXPIRATION date! Be blessed and remember that the REALEST friend in our lives is G.O.D!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Have you ever received a blessing that you weren't quite sure was the best blessing fit for your life? Sometimes blessings can and will do that. A good friend of mine graduated with intentions to play basketball overseas in the spring of 2009. Unfortunately, the opportunity didn't arrive as he expected. He moved back to his hometown and conditioned the entire summer, along with being patient about the desired opportunity. This morning, he finally got the call that he'd been waiting for forever!!! Although he was very thankful to overcome his circumstances,he  had a reservation, whether he should wait until something bigger came in the balance. The reason why i tell this story is to let someone know that "when god sends you a blessing, do not send it back."Sometimes we wait on god so often after he'd already given us blessings that we end up waiting and nothing ever comes. We expect god to give us bigger blessings, and because we expect something supernatural,we miss out on the gifts god already had in store for our lives. I live by the Mantra "Everything happens for a reason". Things don't just happen to us by chance,but it is up to our caliber of faith that will secure us in the proper blessings we should receive. So if god blesses you with a bike,dont focus your life on driving the car.....YOU GOT THE BIKE FOR A REASON. Be blessed and remember, NEVER SEND YOUR BLESSINGS BACK!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The greatest profession in life is to profess your life"

People never realize that positive energy is so real when it connects to the things we profess and believe about our lives. When i was younger, my mother would always tell me "Pinky,if you can believe it,you can achieve it"! Those words allowed me to become the woman i am today. If you profess great things in your life, there is no limit to the potential your life will have. If you want to be famous, SPEAK IT. If you want that dream job,SPEAK IT.  Even if you want happiness and peace in your life, it will only happen when the tongue connects to the dream!When you remain positive, negativity becomes bounded. On the days when situations don't seem as great, speak existence into your circumstance, and victory will appear. I live by this, "The greatest profession in life is to profess your life". When the enemy throws a bad apple into your harvest, continue to cultivate your seeds through positive existence and optimistic energy, and everything you claim will appear!! Be blessed!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good is only good when good is all you know

Have you ever wanted to do so many things,but couldn't figure out which you wanted the most. Or been a Jack of all trades,but a master of none? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of Aisha Cole. All of my life Ive been good at a lot of things. I was a good dancer, I was a good hair dresser, I was a good friend, i even believed i was a good person. But the truth of the matter was that i was never great. It took for me to graduate from College to realize that being good is synonymous with the term "being mediocre." Now that i have taken my first step into the world of "reality". I now know that the world doesn't give a damn about your talent.....its more about your grind. One can be the best poet in the world, but if he doesn't have the mind of an educator,what service has he done for mankind? One of my greatest quotes is "Good is only good,when good is all you know". So my question to you is... what are you doing to be greater than good? A good friend of mine talked to me about placeholders. Placeholders=0's. When you subtract 9-0,that STILL equals 9. O's are only put places so that things can remain the same. The difference between good and great is that you become a place holder in just being g.(O.O).d...... but in greatness...theres not enough room to stay the same. So dont be good at being good,be great at not just being ok with being good! Be blessed and remember that losing yourself to find yourself is the only way to reach success!!! BE GREAT!