Friday, September 3, 2010


$250 dollars, two suitcases, and a bible was all I had in my hands when I boarded the plane from Baltimore Washington International Airport to LAX. Here I am only a month after turning 22, in route to a completely different state where I knew no one! I had no back up plan: No plan B, and barely even had a plan A! I just knew that wherever I ended up was exactly where I was supposed to be.  Looking back on the journey, I realize now that I did something that stops so many people from achieving their dreams, and thats stepping out on faith and taking a chance. Most people don't grasp the fact that they are one step away from making their wildest dreams tangible. Dreams really do come true, but it is up to the "dreamcatcher" to make imagination a reality. I went to a business meeting two weeks ago and listened to a man who spoke about taking chances. He said that the most successful people are the ones who are willing to do what others wont. So what are you willing to do that the next person will never have enough courage to accomplish? In the end THOSE WHO TAKE CHANCES MAKE ADVANCES, and only the strongest survive. Be blessed and remember that there's only two legacies we will leave once we die: Success or failure....which one are you?

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