Monday, August 30, 2010

GOD cant move you, if your STUCK on standing STILL!

Wake up, shower, get dressed, dodge traffic, clock in, take lunch, clock in, clock out, dodge traffic, make dinner,shower,lay down,wake up shower..... 

This is the lifestyle of more than 90 billion working class citizens in America. But almost all 90 billion of these people never imagined that there lives would end up stuck behind a desk, drinking coffee every hour. When we were young, our teachers would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up. My answer was always to be "A  star". People would laugh because they didn't believe in my dreams as much as I did even if they seemed far fetched. I never felt that categorizing myself into a mediocre career would have been the ultimate fulfilment that GOD had for my life. Growing up, those same people who were big dreamers ended up limiting themselves because they didn't have enough confidence to step outside of the box. Sometimes you gotta know how to run away from the box! GOD cant move you if your stuck on standing STILL! You have to learn to just follow your gut and have faith that the victory is already there.  Stop dreaming about the "Shoulda, Coulda,Wouldas" and start acting on the "Here, the now and the today's"! Un -plant your feet and start walking along the river of JORDAN, because standing still will only get you a paycheck and a headache. Be blessed and remember that glue is made to permanently hold things in  place, not to keep you in your mediocre space! 

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