Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad things happens in 3's but GREAT things happen in ONE

My mother always told me that bad things always happens in three's. It never meant anything until i realized those 3 things were happening to me. In the course of one week, a friendship i cherished had ended, I was denied admission into an institution to receive my masters degree, and  someone had broken into my car,bust my windows and took EVERYTHING. At first, i blamed myself for the situations that had taken place..i.e (i could have done this,only if i would have done that) But through it all, i had to remember that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, nothing happens by CHANCE!!! Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the things that the devil tries to do to us, without acknowledging the blessings that god has already given us. I always say that "rejection is gods protection" and i am thankful that i have a full covering keeping me focused on HIM. I could have easily lost my faith because of these situations,but i had to think about all the people who don't even have somewhere to call home,no education, no car, so i should feel blessed to have all that and some. Lets be thankful for the blessings GOD has given us, and remember that you must have the spirit of a warrior in order for the devil to TRY to take away your joy!! Be blessed and remember that BAD THINGS HAPPENS IN 3'S BUT GREAT THINGS HAPPENS IN 1(GOD) !!!!


  1. life seems to have fallen apart. One step up and 10 steps down. I have had this happen in 3,6,9,12 whatever! Everyone has told me , 'hang in there', 'everything will be ok' etc. But it was not until today when I saw your link on minifeed and read your blog that I broke down and cried. Because I am WAITING for that ONE. I hope whatever I am being protected from or kept from is worth it because I am in so much pain right now. I pray that everything gets better for you and God bless your courage.

  2. Dp, I LOVE YOU! Your so encouraging. Thanks for your wonderful words of inspiration:)