Thursday, October 29, 2009

When you surround yourself in your dreams, YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE

Birds of a feather,FLOCK TOGETHER! This is an old saying that is used by many when it relates to people who we choose to include in our lives. When we surround ourselves with people that are going in the same direction as us, we are automatically destined for success. People who are driven to the direction of achieving their dreams,are those who should always be considered first class in our lives. If you aspire to be an actress or actor, surround yourselves with those who are familiar with your passion and your struggle.  STOP surrounding yourself with friends who cant make your belly leap with positive energy. Those people are just sucking the life out of your goals and deterring you from your true purpose. When your circle of friends don't feel like a network helping you to excel, you NEED to evaluate your flock. Think about where all your friends will be in 5 years. If the futures of those you associate yourself with aren't bright, you should re-consider how you choose to label them. If they are, be assured that the direction your life will take will be the high road to SUCCESS as well. Be blessed and remember that WHEN YOU SURROUND YOURSELVES IN YOUR DREAMS,YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!

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  1. I so agree with this pinky, but I have a few questions. What do you tell a person who doesnt even know where to begin to surround themselves by the company they aspire to be like? A person who in everyway tries to escape their old "friends", old vices, and old behaviors but the inevitable leads you in a path that crosses the very ones you put behind you. There is a point where you find yourself alone, and for a long period of time. How do they cope, how do they find their way and whats best for them when for so long they have been accustomed to nagativity?