Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good is only good when good is all you know

Have you ever wanted to do so many things,but couldn't figure out which you wanted the most. Or been a Jack of all trades,but a master of none? Well, welcome to the wonderful world of Aisha Cole. All of my life Ive been good at a lot of things. I was a good dancer, I was a good hair dresser, I was a good friend, i even believed i was a good person. But the truth of the matter was that i was never great. It took for me to graduate from College to realize that being good is synonymous with the term "being mediocre." Now that i have taken my first step into the world of "reality". I now know that the world doesn't give a damn about your talent.....its more about your grind. One can be the best poet in the world, but if he doesn't have the mind of an educator,what service has he done for mankind? One of my greatest quotes is "Good is only good,when good is all you know". So my question to you is... what are you doing to be greater than good? A good friend of mine talked to me about placeholders. Placeholders=0's. When you subtract 9-0,that STILL equals 9. O's are only put places so that things can remain the same. The difference between good and great is that you become a place holder in just being g.(O.O).d...... but in greatness...theres not enough room to stay the same. So dont be good at being good,be great at not just being ok with being good! Be blessed and remember that losing yourself to find yourself is the only way to reach success!!! BE GREAT!

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