Thursday, October 15, 2009

You don't always have to use your IMAGINATION

Tyler Perry's new play "Laugh to keep from crying", inspired me to write this excerpt today. Have you ever felt that bad things seemed to happen in your life all the time? Even when you received one come-up, there were always two more setbacks, and you consistently made things worse than they already were?.....Well I declare today that you will NEVER be a victim of your circumstances again. About two months ago, I learned that my mother was diagnosed with a disease that if not properly treated,could result in her losing her life to cancer. My mother has always been my rock. I admire her so much because she is STRONG for no reason. She's the most giving person I know, and I couldn't imagine losing her to a battle that I knew she could win. After she told me, i was broken. But she wasn't... I was so confused as to why I was in more pain than my mother was because of her circumstance. But because she is such a warrior,she explained to me that EVERYTHING WOULD BE ALRIGHT. I say this because sometimes "YOU don't always have to use your IMAGINATION. In life we cultivate the  seeds of bad situations by making them worse than they really are. We tend to feed the hardships, causing them to be dependent on our lives. When people are diagnosed with illnesses, its not the disease that kills them, its the thought process. Because I thought about my mother's illness so much,my imagination created its own story,leaving me stressed,angry,and broken. But through the power of my GOD, I have learned BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GREAT PEOPLE....and I wouldn't let my imagination bring her to her grave before she really got there!! So if you EVER feel that a circumstance is too overbearing for your life, LAUGH! The devil hates a positive saint! BE BLESSED!

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