Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The greatest profession in life is to profess your life"

People never realize that positive energy is so real when it connects to the things we profess and believe about our lives. When i was younger, my mother would always tell me "Pinky,if you can believe it,you can achieve it"! Those words allowed me to become the woman i am today. If you profess great things in your life, there is no limit to the potential your life will have. If you want to be famous, SPEAK IT. If you want that dream job,SPEAK IT.  Even if you want happiness and peace in your life, it will only happen when the tongue connects to the dream!When you remain positive, negativity becomes bounded. On the days when situations don't seem as great, speak existence into your circumstance, and victory will appear. I live by this, "The greatest profession in life is to profess your life". When the enemy throws a bad apple into your harvest, continue to cultivate your seeds through positive existence and optimistic energy, and everything you claim will appear!! Be blessed!

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