Sunday, October 18, 2009


Has something ever bothered you so much, that it mentally and physically made you sick? Or you thought about the circumstances and it brought you great disdain for something, leaving you angry and bitter? Well I am here to tell you "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT". Because I used to worry about the things I couldn't change so much, it made me spiritually week. I used to worry about 5% of the bad things in my life, instead of focusing on 95% of the good. I always found myself questioning GOD wondering why my blessing hadn't come through,but I had to realize that HE IS IN CONTROL. When I look back at all the wonderful things GOD has done in my life, I have no choice but to be thankful for his goodness,and not worry about the insignificant. In May 2009, I graduated from Clark Atlanta University, and unlike many, I was one of the very few to have  a job at the end of my matriculation. I moved to Texas where I would be earning a 44,000 salary including benefits being an educator in an inner city school. But I wasn't happy. My heart wasn't in the school system so I decided that it was time to come back home. In lieu of the job market crisis,and the economic recession, the average person would call me stupid for leaving a CAREER because I was unsatisfied with the profession. But because I DIDN'T WORRY, I knew that THERE WAS SOMETHING GREATER IN STORE FOR MY LIFE. After coming back, I received an opportunity to work with a MAJOR recording r&b group in Atlanta, Georgia. Although I took a major pay cut, I am HAPPY. I tell my story because there is someone reading this excerpt WORRYING about something only GOD can change. I want you to REALIZE that GOD is working on the book of our lives. In order to have a book, there needs to be a preface and a table of contents. The preface is the story that he has already PROFESSED ...but we must continue on the journey to seek the path that was already written for us. The table of contents are all the different chapters in our lives that are ultimately going to make us into the person GOD wants us to be. The page numbers are the blessings that will increase every time you turn the pages of your story. So DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, THE STORY IS ALREADY WRITTEN.  I want you to know that FAITH promotes anticipation of the GOOD, and WORRYING promotes the anticipation of the BAD.  Turn that WORRY time into PRAISE time, and then you will know that GOD ALREADY HAS EVERYTHING IN CONTROL. Be blessed and remember to WORRY ABOUT NOTHING,PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING!


  1. I am so glad I read this, God knew when you wrote this that Markia in Philadelphia was going to be encouraged. Thank you for being a young African American woman of God and thank you for listening to God's voice....

  2. wow...i appreciate that :-) keep reading...greater inspiration to come
    -be blessed!