Sunday, October 11, 2009

What are you willing to GIVE up to GO up?

Have you ever wanted success so bad that there were moments when you were willing to sacrifice everything you had to get it? Or even had a minute thought of compromising something you held sacred to reach the maximum potential of your success? If you have, your blessing is in this text! I had a queens tea back in 2008 as Miss Clark Atlanta University. At the event there was a motivational speaker touching on the subject of "Giving up to go up". At first, i didn't understand what he meant about giving up everything you had in order to basque in a world of society's standards. But as he continued, i applied his teachings to my life and realized that there were times that i was willing to give up certain things,to gain a temporary benefit  forcing me to work harder with no ending result.  Bishop Eddie Long said "I found out today that the reason I am working so hard is because I am doing things GOD did not grace me to do". I tell you this because we should never rush into our ultimate destiny.Sometimes we get so focused on the destination instead of dwelling in the journey of our ordained purpose. If  you find yourself compromising your woman or manhood just to reach a caliber of SOCIETY'S success, that may not be the purpose or plan god has for your life. I live by this quote "There is no elevator to success,you must take the stairs like everyone else". Be blessed and remember that when you give up to go up,you ll only be going up to  come right back down!! 

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