Saturday, October 10, 2009

Have your friendships expired?

Have you ever examined your circle of friends and wondered how divine order connected you with some of those unhealthy friendships? If you ever had to question this notion,most likely THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! When you consistently question the strength of the bonds that are created between you and others, those people may have EXPIRED  in your life. One of my favorite quotes "Lord Protect me from my friends,for i already know my enemies." With that said,are you being protected? Friendship's are like milk, its healthy when its good,but it'll make you sick when the expiration date comes... Have your friendships expired? Sometimes we have to throw out the stale relationships in our lives to make room for the healthy ones. Just like milk,when its old, it becomes sour.Friendships can become sour.But you cant re-create friendships,like milk can to may be time to LET IT GO. So the next time you evaluate the "Friendships" you claim, be sure to ask yourself "Am i being spiritually fed,mentally comforted,and genuinely supported?" If not, it may be time to discard of the stale friendships that have reached their maximum potential i.e THE EXPIRATION date! Be blessed and remember that the REALEST friend in our lives is G.O.D!

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