Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PRAY for the people who are PREYING on your life

"Sticks and stones will hurt my bones,BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME"! This phrase is one that haunted our childhood and still even reigns significant in our lives today. Have you ever tried to share your dream with other folk who didn't automatically react to your blessing? Or got a new opportunity that you expected someone close to share the glory of the gift with you,but they didn't? Life can and will take you through this journey. There are 3 classes of people in this world:People that make things happen,people that watch things happen,and people that things happen to. The people that make things happen are the people who are PRAYING. The people that are watching it happen, are the people that are WAITING. And the last class of people are the very ones who are PREYING on your life. This class of people are "THE LET HAPPEN TO'ERS" . They are in eternal detention because they believe all the bad things happen to them so they live their  life  focused on YOU. Your name exists so much in their lives,that they become dependent on negating your being to make themselves feel good. BUT WHY DO THEY DO THIS? Imagine, if they were powerful in prayer and had a positive outlook on life,they would have no reason not to be HAPPY about your accomplishments! Jill Scott said it best "Hate on me hater,now or later,cuz' im gonna do me,be mad baby" Be blessed and remember IF THEY AREN'T HATING THEN YOU AREN'T DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

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