Friday, October 9, 2009


Have you ever received a blessing that you weren't quite sure was the best blessing fit for your life? Sometimes blessings can and will do that. A good friend of mine graduated with intentions to play basketball overseas in the spring of 2009. Unfortunately, the opportunity didn't arrive as he expected. He moved back to his hometown and conditioned the entire summer, along with being patient about the desired opportunity. This morning, he finally got the call that he'd been waiting for forever!!! Although he was very thankful to overcome his circumstances,he  had a reservation, whether he should wait until something bigger came in the balance. The reason why i tell this story is to let someone know that "when god sends you a blessing, do not send it back."Sometimes we wait on god so often after he'd already given us blessings that we end up waiting and nothing ever comes. We expect god to give us bigger blessings, and because we expect something supernatural,we miss out on the gifts god already had in store for our lives. I live by the Mantra "Everything happens for a reason". Things don't just happen to us by chance,but it is up to our caliber of faith that will secure us in the proper blessings we should receive. So if god blesses you with a bike,dont focus your life on driving the car.....YOU GOT THE BIKE FOR A REASON. Be blessed and remember, NEVER SEND YOUR BLESSINGS BACK!!!

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  1. love the blog! so inspiring. gotta check back daily...=))