Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You cant ENLARGE your TERRITORY on SPOILED ground!

Have you ever been in a relationship knowing that those people have reached their expiration date in your lives, BUT YOU STAY?  Or someone consistently mistreats you but because you genuinely care about that person, you find yourself settling? These are examples of SPOILED GROUND. Spoiled ground constitutes things or people who do more DEFECTING than PROTECTING. They are placed in your lives to DEFECT your focus,your aspirations,and try to make you do things that are normally outside of your character. When these people enter you life, it's hard for you to move on because you believe that they are SUPPOSED to be there. But I want you to know,that you will NOT EXPAND with those placeholders in your life. I talk a lot about dreams,because I am a big believer in being successful at all costs (ethical costs that is.) Ive seen people with great potential settle because they  get discouraged by others who demise of their success. We've gotten familiar with the "Crab in the Barrel mentality." This is where people do whatever they can to bring you down in order to make their way to the top. Most often,these are people that are closely connected to you who are PREYING on your DOWNFALL. These people need to be REMOVED from your LIFE IMMEDIATELY because YOU CANT ENLARGE YOUR TERRITORY ON SPOILED GROUND. A harvest (you) can never grow beautiful when it isn't properly fed. So ask yourself, am I being properly fed? If not, you need to declare GROUNDS OF TERMINATION!! Be blessed and remember, "Your TERRITORY is your life's LABORATORY, what have you discovered?"

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